25 soldiers were killed and wounded in the attacks of " youth group " Southern Somalia

Mogadishu (news now) 02/05/2022 21:48

Al-Shabab attacks in southern Somalia

Media sources close to the Al-Shabaab group announced that the group had carried out a number of various operations in the vicinity of the cities of “Mogadishu” and “Kismaayo”.

The sources reported that Al-Shabaab forces ambushed near Kismayo, government forces were moving between the towns of “Yaqar” and “Abdullah Broli”.

The attack killed four government soldiers and wounded five others, and the group’s fighters seized a PKM submachine gun and two Kalashnikovs.

In the same context, it has group elements A convoy of government forces was targeted with explosives, which was on its way outside the Somali capital, “Mogadishu” to the outskirts of Mogadishu, to the “Blei Dogle” base.

Meanwhile, the group’s two articles carried out an explosion targeting a four-wheel drive vehicle belonging to the government forces at the Shabelle checkpoint, killing five soldiers and wounding six others.

Other sources also indicated that the headquarters of the prison protection forces of the Somali government were targeted by two explosions carried out by Al-Shabab fighters in the capital, Mogadishu, and the killing and wounding of five members of the Somali Security and Intelligence Service, including

An officer, and the group’s elements seized weapons and other military equipment in an attack on the headquarters of the group’s elements in the Gersabali area” near the Somali capital Mogadishu.

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