30 Houthi militia members killed in Haradh

argument (news now) – 02/08/2022. 21:38

The Arab coalition targets members of the Houthi militia in Haradh

More than 30 members of the Houthi militia were killed, and others were wounded, in air strikes by the Arab coalition, targeting militia sites and gatherings in the city of Haradh, north Hajjah Governorate.

A military source in the Yemeni army said that more than 30 Houthis were killed and wounded in the city of Haradh, on Tuesday, after Arab coalition fighters targeted militia gatherings inside the city.

The source indicated that the raids resulted in the destruction of two military groups with two air raids of the coalition fighters, after raids targeting militia vehicles and military vehicles, in the city of Haradh, which led to their complete destruction.

This comes, in light of the continuing battles inside the neighborhoods of the city of Haradh, after the Houthi militia refused to hand it over, despite the tightening of the siege on it from various sides, about 5 days ago.

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