4 days without food or drink… What will happen to Ryan’s body?

Moroccan rescue teams are continuing their efforts to complete a complex operation in the hope of helping the child, a process that, according to the latest developments, has reached the stage of manual digging in order to reach the five-year-old.

The relief teams are providing the child with oxygen tubes without stopping, but he has not been able to eat or drink for three days, according to what the head of the rescue operation confirmed to the media in the area.

With the end of the fourth day of this situation, fears increase about Ryan’s fate and his ability to withstand death.


And Dr. Amina Omlil, a pediatrician, confirms that Ryan’s access to oxygen has enabled him so far to survive, and to prevent him from entering a coma that may lead to his death.

She points out that obtaining oxygen is more important than water and food, in a first stage, but that “does not mean that he will not face problems at the level of body functions.”

Speaking to “Sky News Arabia”, the doctor confirms that Ryan is currently, without a doubt, in a state of dehydration and severe hypoglycemia, and it is likely that he has already begun to faint.

Umlil says that if the baby is not taken out in the next few hours, he may go into cardiogenic shock, which usually results in cardiac arrest.

On our question about the medical situation that the child Ryan will need after his rescue, Doctor Amina Omlil confirms that a number of body functions will now be affected, including the kidneys, and therefore he will need to enter the intensive care unit in order to help the organs restore their normal activity.

Medical and nursing staff are on standby to transport the child via an equipped helicopter as soon as he is removed from the bottom of the well.

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According to scientific studies, a person dies if he stops breathing oxygen for three minutes, if he does not drink water for three days, and if he does not eat for thirty days.

But these numbers differ from one person to another according to the nature of his body and his ability to resist.

According to Al-Tayeb Hamidi, a doctor in general medicine, these conclusions reached by science were derived after collecting extensive data from cases of hunger strikes and some cases of diet, and then from cases similar to the child Rayan related to people who were rescued from under the rubble.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Dr. acid confirms that the ability to withstand varies from person to person, as there are some people who may be able to stay without food for a period of more than eighty days.

Explaining how the body resists, the head of the General Medicine Syndicate explains that if you drink only water, the body in the first three days begins to obtain energy from the sugars and mental ones that it stores. Then it moves after this period to get its energy from the mental and proteins found in the muscles.

After two weeks or more, the body begins to consume the proteins that it obtains from the tissues, and here begins the stage of danger of death.

As for the child Rayan, Dr. acid confirms that it is difficult to predict the extent of his ability to resist, because we do not know the extent of the ability of the fear he lives at the bottom of the well to affect the functions and organs of the body, thus weakening his immunity.

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