5 days at the bottom of the well .. What is the psychological state of the child Rayan?

Psychological expert Othman Zimo said that Rayan “has been suffering for five days from great pressures at the bottom of the well, which may result in immediate psychological disorders and others that may appear after his exit.”

“Complex” psychological symptoms

And Zimo continued, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, among the psychological symptoms that may appear on the child, “his fear of going out again, and his intolerance to darkness or turning off the lights in the house, and he may also suffer from claustrophobia. (Claustrophobia)This is normal, because he was kept in a closed and dark place for several days.”

The expert also confirmed that the child Ryan “may also suffer from a split in his personality, that is, under the influence of the loneliness he feels, he may create in his mind another personality to talk to, and it is a psychological maneuver that the lonely person resorts to, in an unconscious way, to get out of his isolation through An unreal sociable creation.

In this context, the expert cited the example of the character “Wilson” made by actor Tom Hanks, from a blood-stained ball in the movie “Alone in the World”. “Cast Away”It is the only way a man has found on a faraway island to entertain himself and escape from his isolation.

Zimo added, “I think that the so-called fission in psychology is currently excluded, but it may appear later after the child’s exit and return to his normal life and reaching adolescence, which may turn into schizophrenia if it is not followed up and treated properly.”

The need for psychological support

The psychoanalyst stressed that “it is necessary to inform Ryan after his release with special care, and to give him thoughtful psychological attention, so that he can rearrange his personality and heal his psychological wounds.”.

He also stressed that his mother must be present during the treatment sessions so that she, too, can benefit from keeping pace, because after this difficult experience she may become a “toxic” mother, or what is known as (Toxic Mother)And she is a mother who fears for her son from evil in an obsessive way that makes her close to him, which will restrict his freedom and make him a prisoner to his mother in a psychological sense, hence the need to allocate special support for the child and his mother.

In conclusion, the psychological expert stressed that Ryan, who is not yet 5 years old, “if he receives balanced support, he will inevitably overcome the psychological trauma he has been exposed to, and will get rid of the anxiety and phobias that he may suffer.”.

The expert warned of what the child might be exposed to after coming out of harassment by the media, neighbors and visitors, noting that it might affect him negatively.

He added: “It is enough that he was at the bottom of the pit for days, and that he is under the shock of falling and staying alone at the bottom for long nights, so he should not be harassed, because he may be exposed to another shock, which is the collision with thousands of eyes that watch him closely and devour his privacy.”

Rayan had fallen into a dry well, uncovered and unfenced, on his family’s property on the outskirts of Chefchaouen, last Tuesday afternoon..

After notifying the authorities, a tracking and rescue committee was formed, which developed several scenarios to save the child, and deliver oxygen and water to him.

After the failure of attempts to rescue him from the hole of the well, the authorities adopted a plan to dig a parallel hole 32 meters deep, and make a hole towards the well to get the child out, who is still alive, according to the latest data.

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