5 defendants referred to the criminal court in Egypt for blackmailing a child and pushing her to commit suicide

Egypt (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 00:14

Threatening a girl with her photos in Egypt pushes her to commit suicide

On Sunday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution referred five people to the Criminal Court in Sharkia Governorate, in the Nile Delta Egypt, accused of threatening a girl by publishing indecent images of her, which prompted her to commit suicide, according to a statement by the investigation authority.

In its statement, the Public Prosecution said that it had ordered, on Saturday, “the referral of five imprisoned defendants to the Criminal Court, accusing them of threatening the victim, Heidi and her sister, through a social networking application, releasing indecent images attributed to the former, and assaulting the sanctity of her private life, and family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society.”

The prosecution stated that the investigations and the testimonies of witnesses concluded that “a dispute broke out between the mother of the deceased child and the accused of her neighbor, and that my last daughter obtained from two other defendants incriminating pictures attributed to the deceased (..) Then the victim’s family was surprised by the spread of these pictures on social media.”

“When the deceased learned of this, she killed herself,” she added.

For the second time in less than a month, the Public Prosecution referred to the Criminal Court the case of a girl who decided to end her life because she was being blackmailed.

On January 18, the Public Prosecution referred a number of detainees in Gharbia Governorate, in the Nile Delta, to the Criminal Court on charges of “trafficking in human beings” and “threatening a victim with the intent of sexual exploitation and forcing her to engage in obscene acts.”

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