6 UN employees kidnapped in Yemen

Yemen (news now) – 11/02/2022. 22:08

Militants in Yemen transferred UN staff to an unknown destination

  • One of the kidnapped people in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan is a Bulgarian

Today, Friday, unidentified gunmen kidnapped employees of a United Nations organization in Abyan governorate, southern Yemen, local sources told “Akhbar Alan”.

The local sources confirmed that the unknown gunmen kidnapped 6 employees of one of the United Nations organizations, one of whom is a Bulgarian, and five Yemenis, from the road linking Al-Khadera and Mudiyah in Abyan.

The sources pointed out that the gunmen transferred the United Nations employees to an unknown destination with the car they were traveling in.

In another context, the official spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, announced today, Friday, that the Yemeni army forces and brigades To whom Al-Saeed managed during the past few days to liberate 80% of the city of Haradh in the governorate of Hajjah, northwest of the country.

Brigadier General “Majalli” said in a press statement to the army’s website that “the army forces in the Fifth Military Region continue, for the eighth consecutive day, to make rapid advances on the ground in Haradh District, Hajjah Governorate, by turning around, encircling and controlling the roads and the governing bodies.”

A spokesman for the armed forces in Yemen confirmed that “the army forces liberated large parts of the city of Haradh by 80%, pointing out that the strategic (Al-Muhssam) camp overlooking the city from the eastern side was liberated.”

He also stressed “the liberation of the Al-Husnain Mountains and the strategic Al-Hayja mountain range east of Jabal Al-Muhsam, and the liberation of the villages of Umm Al-Hisn, Umm Al-Tarab and Al-Hamra, northeast of the city.”

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