A confusion in ISIS after the killing of the leader and a blanket amnesty from the Taliban for the terrorists

Today’s Bulletin – 07/02/2022. 15:03

Sources: Abu Al-Hassan Al-Hashemi is the new leader of ISIS

Sources familiar with the affairs of extremist organizations in Syria said that the ISIS His slain successor, Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, also known as Hajji Abdullah Qardash, mourned and chose “Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi” as his replacement.

And the militants’ channels on the social networking site Telegram stated that the new caliph of ISIS will be officially announced at a later time.

The ISIS propaganda platforms have remained silent, so far, and did not confirm or deny the killing of the organization’s leader, and contented themselves with publishing regular statements about terrorist attacks carried out by the organization’s fighters, and ISIS has not officially announced the leader chosen to lead the organization so far.

Yemen..The destruction of a ballistic missile platform for the Houthi militia

The International Coalition reported the start of a military operation against legitimate military targets in the capital Sana’a.

The coalition said the operation came in response to the threat and the military necessity to protect civilians from hostile attacks.

The coalition also announced the destruction of a ballistic missile launcher in the Yemeni Al-Jawf Governorate. At the same time, government forces are advancing in vast areas and are close to retaking the Haradh district, in Hajjah governorate, western Yemen, after encircling the city and cutting the Houthi militia supply lines.

Taliban group pardons ISIS militants

At least 50 ISIS militants have surrendered to the Taliban in the eastern province of the country, local officials said, after mediation by tribal elders.

According to sources, the surrender operations are based on an amnesty decree issued by the Taliban group, adding that the process of surrendering the militants is continuing.

500 ISIS elements surrendered to the Taliban group after it took power in mid-August.

Somali forces kill 7 Al-Shabab terrorist group

The Somali National Army announced that its Special Forces sector had carried out a pre-planned attack on gatherings of Al-Shabab militants near the city of Kismayo in the Federal State of Jubbaland.

Meanwhile, Somali National Television confirmed, through its official account on Twitter, that the Somali Special Forces had killed seven fighters from the group and destroyed their hideouts during the operation.

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