A “lightning surprise” inside the trunk of the car .. I discovered it after 3 days

And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Bethany discovered a completely naked and homeless man in the trunk of her car without noticing it.

Bethany, who owns a Subaru, said the homeless man was silent while driving her car to work or going to the grocery store.

After revealing his case, the woman asked the man: “Why are you in my car? Why are you shameful?”

And the displaced person replied that it was just a “rite of passage”, which means a transition from one state to another, such as a change in social status.

I wondered how he got into the car, and he replied: “I am the son of the Pope.”

Later, the police came to the scene, when the man’s legs were hanging from the trunk of the car.

The Canadian woman said the man is currently in a mental institution.

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