A military conflict threatens Europe .. “a dangerous warning” from Putin to all

Vladimir Putin said that “there will be no victors in the current crisis”, after his meeting with his French counterpart in the Kremlin, for the talks, which he described as “useful, objective and practical.”

Emmanuel Macron traveled to Moscow for talks, amid fears of war in the region if Russia invades Ukraine, as it continues its military build-up on the border.

At a joint news conference after the talks, Putin said a number of Macron’s ideas on security were “realistic”, and that the two would speak again once Macron travels to Kiev to meet the Ukrainian leadership.

“There are a number of his ideas and proposals, which are probably still too early to talk about, but I think it is entirely possible to lay the groundwork for our additional joint steps,” he said.

“We agreed that after his trip to the Ukrainian capital, we will contact each other again and exchange views on this matter,” he added.

He also stressed that Russia will “make every effort to find compromise solutions that suit everyone.”

During the talks, Putin told Macron: “I realize that we share a concern about what is happening in Europe in the security field.”

For his part, Macron said he was “sure that he will get some results, even if it is not easy to secure them.”

During the talks, Macron called for de-escalation, adding: “Dialogue is necessary because this is the only thing that, in my view, will help build a context for security and stability on the European continent.”

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, described the visit as “very important”, but sought to dampen expectations, saying that “the situation is so complex that a decisive breakthrough cannot be expected after only one meeting.”

Meanwhile, the Pentagon warned that Russia continues to add “significant” forces along the Ukrainian border, with a spokesman saying that “with each passing day, Putin is giving himself more military options.”

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