A “mock attack” .. This is how Russia plans to justify its invasion of Ukraine

The Washington Post quoted US and European officials as believing that the Russian invasion may occur as early as next week.

The newspaper reported that a quick meeting was held in the White House Situation Room, Thursday evening, to discuss new intelligence about the possible Russian attack.

She explained, quoting a source who declined to be identified, that Russia is “already planning to portray a mock attack against Russian territory to justify its invasion of Ukraine.”

The source said: “Moscow is trying hard to create a justification for war or justification for the invasion.”

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan hinted to reporters that Russia might carry out a “false flag” or “deceptive flag” operation to blame the Ukrainians before attacking them.

And “false flag” means secret operations that use camouflage, so that it appears as if a group planned and carried out these operations other than the real group.

“If Russia chooses to do this, it must be held accountable,” Sullivan added.

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