A night that started crying and ended up in the hospital.. The full story of Hama Beca’s health crisis

The festival performer, known as Hamo Beka, appeared yesterday, Friday evening, through the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, which is presented by the well-known media, Yasmine Ezz, which is broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” satellite channel. Intense crying and said: “I do not want to enter the Syndicate’s exams again, and this is because every time I fall, and all that I want is richer and eats a living, and this is unfairness and slander on me, and the truth must be revealed, and by the way, I am ready to retire now… It is forbidden for you to die. Enough injustice.”

A night that started crying and ended up in the hospital.. The full story of Hama Beca's health crisis

After the episode ended, Hama Beka’s followers and fans were surprised by the news of his admission to the hospital, and he performed medical examinations, as he published through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook” a set of photos of him from inside the hospital and wrote: “Pray for me to be safe, Jadaan.. God suffices and He is the best agent. Which was the reason.”

Hamou Beca

For many of Hamo’s followers to write a lot of comments, most of which were to defend and support him after he cried yesterday on TV, and no one knows the details of this health crisis.

Hamou Beca

His manager, “Mohamed Helmy”, stated, through a live broadcast with Al-Watan newspaper, that Hamo is going through a bad psychological crisis due to the injustice he was subjected to by the Syndicate of Musical Professions, and he confirmed that he fainted after the episode ended and was immediately transferred to the hospital.

Hamou Beca

After several hours, the festival performer Hama Beca left the hospital and went to his house after conducting the necessary tests. According to his business manager.

Hamou Beca

During the meeting, Hammou confirmed that he was subjected to a lot of injustice by the Syndicate of Musical Professions, due to his being prevented from singing inside the country, and said that he intends to file a lawsuit against the union demanding his right to sing inside Egypt and cancel the decision to ban him from singing.

Hamou Beca

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