A Pakistani “healer” implanted a nail in the head of a pregnant woman to give birth to a boy

Doctor Haider Khan, who treated the woman in the hospital, told AFP that she went to the hospital in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, after she tried to remove the nail herself.

He pointed out that “she was fully conscious, but she was suffering a lot.” An X-ray showed that the screw penetrated the skull five centimeters but did not reach the brain.

The pregnant Pakistani woman said that she is the mother of three daughters and she is pregnant with a fourth.

There are many who are described as traditional healers in Pakistan, amid medical warnings about some of the recipes they provide to people.

Having a boy is often seen as a good omen in South Asia, as it is believed that he is better able than a girl to help his parents secure an income.

Pakistani police are currently seeking to interrogate the woman, and Peshawar police chief Abbas Ehsan told AFP: “We will arrest the charlatan soon.”

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