A rapid fall of Kiev and 19 thousand dead.. A terrifying scenario for the invasion of Ukraine

According to Fox News, citing sources in the US Congress, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, told lawmakers that “Kiev could fall within 72 hours if there was a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

In a report on its website, the channel stated that “Mili told lawmakers during closed briefings on February 2 and 3 that a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could lead to the fall of Kiev within 72 hours, and could cost 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead and 4,000 Russian soldiers.” (A total of 19,000 people were killed on both sides).

“A number of lawmakers have expressed concern that the Biden administration has not responded quickly to providing Ukraine with significant military assistance, such as anti-aircraft missile systems and missile launchers, that will defend against any invasion from Russia,” she said.

In the meetings, Biden administration officials responded to these concerns by saying that “significant supplies of military aid to Ukraine could be used as a reason to invade Ukraine.”

And while Ukraine received security assistance from the United States through the allocation of $200 million in December, it also received $600 million in aid from the United Kingdom and the Baltic states, on which the country relies heavily and includes Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger portable anti-aircraft missiles from Russia. Older model.

“The United States is also preparing for a major refugee and immigrant crisis,” the channel’s report quoted an informed source as saying. “The European allies are also leading discussions on housing and migrant flows on the assumption that Ukrainian citizens will flee to other parts of Europe.”

Russian denunciation.. American response

This comes at a time when Moscow denies its intention to invade Ukraine, and Russian officials, including the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, stated that Moscow does not pose a threat to Ukraine, statements in which Moscow reduced the propaganda and the American crowd regarding the imminent incursion of Ukraine by Russia.

However, the regional spokeswoman for the US State Department, Geraldine Griffiths, said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” commenting on this: “Unfortunately, there is a Russian campaign to influence the situation … there is a lot of misinformation by the Russian government … these Russian statements do not It aligns with Russia’s actions on the ground.”

And she continued: “On the ground, there is a large Russian military build-up on the border with Ukraine.. Russia is the aggressor, and the United States is working to build Ukraine’s capabilities to defend itself.. Russian aggression is not limited to the United States only, but rather threatens the security and stability of the international community.” As a whole”.

Russian crowd

In this context, a CNN report on Sunday quoted well-informed US officials as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has now mobilized 70 percent of military personnel and weapons on Ukraine’s borders. The report stated that the figure in question “is an estimate based on the latest intelligence assessments.”

The report stated that the human cost of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine could be heavy. Some assessments suggest that civilian casualties in Ukraine may reach tens of thousands, with as many as five million refugees. Meanwhile, US officials are trying to paint a picture of the potentially dire consequences and the dangers posed by Putin.

The report stated that: “If Putin unleashes his full military ground and air force on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, the city may fall within 48 hours.”

The sources also estimate that Russia could decide to carry out a multi-pronged operation and send forces from several directions across Ukraine to break the Ukrainian army’s ability to fight quickly as a cohesive force.

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