A revolutionary technology from “FIFA” resolves offside decisions in just 3 seconds!

According to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, FIFA is experimenting with this “semi-automated” technology in the Club World Cup, and it is likely that it will be adopted in the World Cup in Qatar, at the end of this year.

Betting is being done on this technology in order to reduce the time for arbitral decision-making regarding infiltration, by means of “the mouse”, and “FIFA” is seeking to take advantage of the progress of artificial intelligence programs.

And artificial intelligence makes it possible to monitor each player playing the match, by showing his movements on large screens in the stadiums, so that it becomes clear why some goals are not counted.

FIFA hopes that this system will become fully automated, in the future, given the tremendous progress in the world of technology, and at that time, it will not remain tainted by the estimates of the judges, which sometimes receive criticism.

Pierre Legge Collina, head of the FIFA Referees Committee, believes that this new technical system will help speed up decisions, but the final word will be for human judgment in the end, so that it is not said that it is automatic arbitration.

Colina added that decision-making has not become automatic as some might think, but is still subject to human arbitration, as it is only a means to increase the accuracy in estimating the situation.

He stated that these tools help people to understand what is happening in the match, as well as to trust the refereeing decisions made. “If you don’t understand what happened in the match, because you didn’t see things clearly, then doubts start in your side.”

When this technology is adopted, there will be 12 cameras in use, some of which are harnessed for broadcasting, and others are programs to monitor cases of intrusion, by tracking any player moving on the field.

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