A suicide attack in Somalia, carried out by the terrorist Al-Shabaab movement, targeted parliamentarians

Somalia (news now) – 11/02/2022. 21:34

Al-Shabaab targets a convoy of members of the Parliament Election Committee in Somalia

A suicide bombing attack by the terrorist Al-Shabab movement in Somalia targeted a procession of members of the election committee for the new Somali parliament as they were leaving the election headquarters in the Hamrajib district of the capital. Mogadishu.

In the operation, 6 members of the committee were killed, along with 5 members of the police accompanying the guard, and 13 members of the committee were injured.

This operation comes at a time when the terrorist Al-Shabaab movement escalated its operations against the members of the committee, as 3 of them were assassinated during the past few days.

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