Adidas makes a fuss with an ad containing nude pictures

New York (Wall Street Journal) – 11/02/2022. 19:03

The ad promotes sports bras with pictures of nude women

Adidas’ announcement of the new bras, through a picture showing nude women, which it posted on its Twitter account, caused a stir, according to the newspaper.The Wall Street Journal“.

The image published by the German company, through which it aimed to promote a group of sports bras, consisting of 43 different designs.

The ad promotes a new range of sports bras, with “plus size” options and pieces designed for different activities.

“We believe women of all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. That’s why our new range of sports bras feature 43 styles, so everyone can find what works best for them,” the company said in a Twitter post.

“The ad is designed to showcase the diversity of the ad, and features different shapes and sizes, highlighting why personalized support is important,” a statement from the company said.

The newspaper quoted experts, specialists and advertising workers as saying that it was “strong, thought-provoking, and creative”, and came “in a completely non-sexual context”, and that it was “a completely justified promotion of sports bras”.

It is reported that the advertisement image was published on Twitter only, and was not published on Facebook, for example, due to the conditions and guidelines that prevent the appearance of a bare chest, and a modified image was published on Instagram, by hiding part of the chest.

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