African Nations .. Appointment of the referee for the final match between Egypt and Senegal

And CAF announced the assignment of the match between Egypt and Senegal to Victor Gomez, the South African referee, as an arena referee.

In addition to Victor Gomez, the first assistant referee will be his compatriot Zaquel Tossi Granville Siwela, and the second assistant, Soro Batswan from Lesotho.

Gomez did not referee any match for the Egyptian team in the tournament, but he refereed the match between Senegal and Equatorial Guinea in the quarter-finals, which ended with a 3-1 score for Senegal.

The team of video referees will be entirely Moroccan, with Adel Zarrouk occupying the role of the video referee, along with Bushra Karboubi as the first video assistant referee, and Zakaria Princi as the second video assistant referee.

Thus, Bouchra Karboubi will become the video assistant referee, the first female referee in the African Nations Cup final match in history.

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