After 200 MPs were infected with Corona .. “Forcible closure” of the Turkish Parliament

According to Turkish sources, more than 200 deputies in the Turkish parliament have been infected over the past few weeks.

Parliament had taken a similar step on the twentieth of last January for the same reason, and for a period that lasted for 10 days.

Turkey ranks seventh in the world in terms of the number of “Covid 19” infections, after the United States, India, Brazil, France, Britain and Russia.

So far, Turkey has recorded more than 12 million confirmed cases of the Corona virus, while more than 88,000 people have died from the epidemic.

And on Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he had contracted the disease, and wrote on Twitter: “After feeling mild symptoms, it was confirmed that I and my wife were infected with the Corona virus. Fortunately, the infection was mild, and we learned that it was caused by the mutant Omicron.”

Erdogan added, “We will continue to carry out our duties and work from home. We hope that you will pray for us.”

The Turkish president had received the third dose of the vaccine against “Covid 19” last June.

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