After Beijing opened the media to it wide, why did the Uyghur torchbearer suddenly disappear?!

China Mail online 02/09/2022 17:24

Beijing overlooked the absence of men.. Questions about the fate of the family of the Uyghur torchbearer

  • Denigir Yalamujiang’s relatives appeared in tears during her center stage moment
  • Any critics that China used it as a politically motivated “distraction tactic”.
  • Up to 1.5 million Uyghurs have been sent to camps in eastern Xinjiang province

State television in China’s Xinjiang province showed a Uighur skier family watching her carry the Olympic torch at the Beijing opening ceremony, while Dengir Yalamujiang’s relatives appeared to cry during her moment in center stage, but some viewers questioned the reason for the absence of men in her family. Or just five men in a room full of twenty women.
Global humanitarian organizations accuse China of locking up millions of Uighurs, mostly men, in camps and moving thousands more away from their homes as part of a “program of forced labour”, as well as “re-educating” the Muslim minority.

Athlete Denigir Yallamojiang made headlines around the world after Friday’s opening ceremony in Beijing, with critics seeing that China used it as a “distraction tacticPolitically motivated, Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, led the criticism, saying Deniger’s inclusion “does not detract from what we know is happening on the ground” in China, which is “genocide,” which rights groups have agreed with. Uighurs, who described Denigir’s torch-carrying along with a Han athlete as “offensive”.

After Beijing opened the media to it wide, why did the Uyghur torchbearer suddenly disappear?!
Uighur torchbearer with a Han majority athlete. (Getty Images)

What caused further controversy was Deniger’s sudden disappearance from the spotlight shortly thereafter, as she cross-country skied on Saturday but retreated without speaking to the crowd of reporters, who waited behind her for an interview, in frigid temperatures before she They discover that she has left, according to Wall Street Journal reports, and the absence of the Uyghur female athlete violates Olympic rules that state that athletes must pass through a “mixed area”, where journalists can approach them for interviews after all events, while Chinese Olympic officials have not responded to requests to conduct An interview with her, requests for comment sent in this regard were not answered.

1.5 million Uyghurs to camps in eastern Xinjiang province in recent years

Figures compiled by the United Nations show that up to 1.5 million Uighurs have been sent to camps in eastern Xinjiang province in recent years — a campaign that began in 2014 and escalated dramatically in 2017, ranging in age from young to middle-aged, estimates suggest. Between one in six and one in three of the male Uighur population has passed through a camp, according to United Nations figures, compared to one in ten of the general population.

Huge and horrific number of camps!

Meanwhile, foreign media say as many as 80,000 Uyghurs have been forcibly moved out of Xinjiang as part of the forced labor program – with many recruiting directly from the camps, which satellite imagery revealed to number at least twenty large, But it is estimated that the real number may be as high as 1,200, and these camps are characterized by dire conditions, and prisoners testify to this with their accounts of being tortured in an attempt by Chinese officials to force them to renounce their religion and adopt the ideology of the state instead. common.

After Beijing opened the media to it wide, why did the Uyghur torchbearer suddenly disappear?!
Satellite image of a detention camp against Uighurs in China (Getty)

Women held in the camps were not spared the scourge of practices there, as many were subjected to forced sterilization, “systematic rape”, and forced contraceptive use, and women detainees say they were forced to escort Han Chinese officials home and share their beds. Sometimes.

The United States and many European countries see China as complicit in a state-sponsored genocide against the Uyghurs, which has called on other countries, along with America, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, to boycott the ongoing Winter Olympics in China due to human rights violations.

Despite initially denying the existence of any camps, the Communist Party retracted the denial’s statements, stressing that they were voluntary “training centers” aimed at what it described as “reducing extremism.”

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