After being assigned to head the Libyan government.. Complicated tasks in front of Bashagha

And the former Libyan Assistant Foreign Minister, Hassan al-Saghir, considered that Fathi Bashagha’s candidacy for the position before the Libyan House of Representatives “restores things to normal, so that the executive authority is completely emanating from Parliament.”

At the same time, he added, the matter “does not mean absolute or blank support for it, but it is an opportunity for serious, real and effective political action, through which a successful transitional phase will be achieved, provided that the monitoring and evaluation process continues.”

Compatibility task

For his part, the Libyan journalist writer, Al-Hussein Al-Misori, said that Bashagha “will be on a date with a delicate local mission, in which he needs to achieve sufficient consensus that prevents further fragmentation in the country’s political situation.”

Al-Misori explained that “there is currently reliance on Bashagha’s ability to achieve a balance between all Libyan actors, to ensure their representation in the new authority, and thus form a government that is acceptable in the east and west of the country.”

West position

However, former Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba expressed his adherence to his position, and relied in this context on the international situation, which seems less welcoming to a change in the executive authority, as explained by political analyst Ezz El-Din Aqeel, as these countries call for the focus to remain on the electoral track. This was stated by the ambassadors of major countries and representatives of the United Nations.

Regarding the reliance on Bashagha’s influence among the armed groups in the West, Aqeel pointed out, in his speech to the “Sky News Arabia” website, that “Al-Dabaiba also has influence, which may not be rivaled by others,” noting that these groups “move by the desire of the party that spends.” on her”.

Aqeel does not see that “time will be enough for Bashagha to implement his pledge before Parliament to control arms and disband militias,” adding that “his transitional government has a limited role, and its primary goal is to hold elections.”

The Libyan political researcher, Abdel Hakim Maatouk, confirmed that he expects the Bashagha government to implement a package of benefits, such as “reducing the suffering of citizens, supporting the efforts of the Joint Military Committee (5 + 5) and the constitutional track, and preparing for elections.”

He stressed, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, “the importance of accomplishing this in a specific time frame, so that the matter does not collide with the desire of the international community, which supports holding the elections as soon as possible.”

As for Dabaiba’s insistence on staying, he said that his government “fell and will not return,” as Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh said, recalling that several ministers were referred to the investigation on corruption charges, “so it will not withstand Parliament’s decision to change it.”

Bashagha promises

During his speech to Parliament, on Monday, Bashagha promised that his government would work to “fight corruption” that has spread during the past period. In this context, he directed criticism at the current government, saying: “It is not possible to fight corruption under an authority whose ministers practice corruption.”

He also declared his intention not to run in the upcoming presidential elections, saying that “it is not possible to trust a government that has a direct interest in the elections.”

He talked about his government’s goals, including “achieving national reconciliation to holding elections, reforming public finances, rationalizing government spending, controlling arms, unifying the military and security institutions, adopting the principle of decentralization, achieving spatial development, integration with legislative and judicial authorities, and respecting the principle of separation of powers.” .

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