After being banned in India, a Muslim woman defies the Hindus and wears the hijab at the university

Karnataka (The Hindu) 02/09/2022 23:45

A circulating video of a Muslim girl defying Hindu protesters and entering her university with a headscarf

  • A Muslim student wearing a headscarf is harassed by a Hindu far-right mob
  • Ban on headscarves angered Muslim students

A video clip of a hijab-wearing Muslim student being harassed by a right-wing mob sparked Hindu extremist in college Karnatakaangry, amid protests against the ban on headscarves in this southern state.

The video, circulating on social media, showed the young woman, Muskan Khan, surrounded by men wearing saffron scarves, as she arrived at her college in Mandia.

Muskan Khan was chanting “Allahu Akbar” while the demonstrators were chasing her, before the university guard intervened to protect her.

Khan later told India’s NDTV news channel, “I went to the university to submit important papers, they didn’t let me in just because I was wearing a headscarf… Ten percent of the protesters were from college, but the rest were strangers.”

She added, “After that, they started chanting hostile slogans, so I started screaming God is great,” stressing that she will continue to fight for her right to wear the hijab.

The ban raised on hijab Muslim students, who said it was an attack on their religion enshrined in India’s secular constitution, angered while Hindu right-wing groups tried to prevent veiled Muslim women from entering educational institutions, causing societal tension.

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