After nearly two hours, the protection police in Tunisia… rescue a schoolgirl who fell into an abandoned well

Tunisia (news now) 02/09/2022 16:22

In Tunisia, while escaping from a mentally ill, a schoolgirl fell into an abandoned well 14 meters deep

  • Civil protection quickly turned to the site of the accident
  • After attempts that lasted about two hours, the specialized team succeeded in saving the student’s life

I passed protection police The city of Ben Arous, Tunisia, last night rescued a schoolgirl after she fell into a well in the Naasan region Ben Arous GovernorateIts depth is 14 metres.

Referring to the incident, the 17-year-old student called “Maleka Al-Hasnawi” was with her colleagues about to escape for fear of a mentally disordered person while returning from the institute to her home, to slip her feet and then fall into an abandoned well.

Immediately, the Civil Protection Police were informed, who quickly turned to the scene of the accident, and after attempts that lasted for nearly two hours, the competent team succeeded in saving the student’s life while she was alive.

Ezzedine Chalabi, Wali of Ben Arous, civil protection police officers, praised him for their efforts to avoid any harm that might happen to the girl.

The girl was transferred to Charles Nicole Hospital in the Tunisian capital, and she is currently receiving medical care after suffering some bruises and fractures.

Shalaby added that it is therefore necessary to fill in the abandoned well, which is owned by a private property, as soon as possible, given the danger it poses, especially since the plot of land in which this well is located is adjacent to a school.

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