After the African crowning .. “exceptional decisions” from the President of Senegal

Sall also canceled his last stop on an African tour, when he was scheduled to visit the Comoros Islands, in order to welcome the players of the national team upon their return to Dakar on Monday afternoon, according to state television.

The tumultuous atmosphere prevailed in Dakar after the final whistle, when Senegal, led by Sadio Mane, beat Egypt led by Mohamed Salah, to achieve its first ever title in the African Nations Cup.

Sall wrote on Twitter on Sunday night: “African champions. What a team! They did it. Beautiful moment in football, beautiful moment of communication and national pride. Congratulations to our champions. The cup is here. Thank you.”

Mane decided the match by scoring the last kick in the net against Mohamed Abu Jabal, ending the match with Senegal winning 4-2 on penalties, after the original and extra games ended in a goalless draw.

Hundreds of national team supporters flocked to Independence Square, near the presidential palace in central Dakar, to celebrate the victory, while the square shook to the sound of car horns, vuvuzelas and fireworks.

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