After the controversial video of the Caribbean nationality .. Hani Shaker comments

One of the employees of the company that oversees the procedures filmed the video clip, saying that the Egyptian artist “signs a contract to obtain the citizenship of the Caribbean islands by investing in a resort in the Dominican Republic.”

The clip sparked a state of controversy on social media, among a supporter of this step that facilitates travel procedures for a large number of countries in the world without a visa, while others criticized his desire to obtain foreign citizenship, especially since he represents his country, Egypt, as an artist.

In response to these criticisms, Shaker said in statements to the Egyptian “Youm7” website, that this step came for the purpose of “investment and recreation in those islands, because of their beauty and special nature.”

He continued, “I am Egyptian and I am proud of my Egyptian nationality, and applying for the citizenship of the Caribbean islands does not mean giving up the Egyptian citizenship, as it is something that I do not dare to think about in the first place.”

It is noteworthy that the circulating video, opened the door to speculation on social networking sites, regarding Shaker’s “entitlement” to continue in his position as captain of the Egyptians, who is dual national.

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