After the gang’s deadline ends.. the mysterious fate of the Syrian child Fawaz

There is great concern over the fate of the child Fawaz, as commentators from the pioneers of Syrian and Arab social networking sites saw that this silence by the kidnappers may be a bad omen and a sign that does not bode well.

His father, Muhammad Qutaifan, confirmed to the local media that the kidnappers did not communicate with him despite preparing the ransom required to rescue Fawaz, despite his attempts to communicate with the kidnappers, but without a response from them.

And to talk about this tragedy, its background and psychological repercussions, Husam Al-Darir, a Syrian psychological consultant, says in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “Unfortunately, Fawaz will suffer from a post-traumatic reaction for a long time, and he may suffer from it even for young people and in general most of the diseases.” Psychological origin is childish, let alone the psychological consequences of a young child being kidnapped, beaten, humiliated and tortured by a criminal gang for months.

The psychological expert adds: “He may, for example, turn into a recluse, a sadistic person or a criminal, or become a shaky person who is afraid of his shadow, and all of this, of course, is not absolute and necessarily happens, as there are children who constitute an exception to such rules related to the consequences of the forceful psychological conditions in which children live and go through in Their first years of life, which turn with their teenage years and adulthood into a decade and chronic psychological diseases, where a number of environmental, educational, genetic and other factors play their role here.”

The Syrian psychiatrist goes on to explain the motives and psychological backgrounds behind the spread of kidnapping and violence crimes against children in Syria, by saying: “On the other hand, these criminals who are members of the kidnapping gang are psychologically complex, possessing a sense of pleasure and ecstasy from their severe beating against a helpless young child. There is no power, and that is why they document this crime in the form of a video, and this crime is, of course, a crude and blatant example of what we are witnessing in the country of a wide moral and psychological decline.”

He concludes: “We hope that the child Fawaz will return safely to his family, and that the end of the story of his kidnapping will be happy, and he will undoubtedly need a long-term behavioral, cognitive and psychological treatment to restore his psychological, emotional and mental balance, after this bitter experience he went through, but the important thing now is to reveal his fate, save him, and liberate him from Handle the perpetrators as soon as possible.”

It is noteworthy that the story of the kidnapped child began on November 2, when he was on his way to school early in the morning, before he was surprised by four people, including a woman riding motorcycles, who kidnapped him with the intention of asking for ransom from his family.

The ransom amount was very high, as the kidnappers demanded about 700 million Syrian pounds, and after long negotiations, the gang reduced the amount to 500 million pounds, equivalent to about 140,000 US dollars.

The bereaved family sold everything they owned, but could not secure the required amount, so the kidnappers did the worst imaginable for any human being, stripping the child and brutally beating him and sending the video to the family in order to pressure them and pay the ransom.

It is noteworthy that the kidnappers had threatened to amputate the child’s fingers, if the required ransom was not delivered within the deadline they had set.

Then, the parents began spreading the story widely, and asking for help to secure the amount, as Fawaz’s phrase “For God’s sake, don’t hit me” topped social media sites in Syria and the Arab world.

Although the Syrian child Fawaz was kidnapped for more than 3 months, but with the publication of a video of his torture, his painful story topped social media platforms and sites, especially as it coincided with the tragedy of the Moroccan child Rayan, which shook the whole world.

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