After the news of “Faraj Child Rayan” .. an engineer in the rescue provides an explanation

Engineer Murad Al-Jazouli explained that the rescue team still had eighty centimeters left to reach the 5-year-old Rayan.

Al-Jazouli attributed this slow digging to being careful not to cause any vibrations to harm the child Rayan, saying that the digging is being carried out by specialists, at a rate of approximately twenty centimeters per hour.

When the second Moroccan channel, “Duzim”, asked the engineer, Al-Jazouli, about the expected length of time to bring out the child Rayan, he admitted that it was difficult to give estimates, but he suggested that it would take about two hours.

Earlier, Moroccan media reported that the rescue teams had arrived at the child Rayan, who fell into the well, last Tuesday afternoon, while the recovery team is currently preparing him inside the tunnel in order to transport him abroad via a stretcher.

The Moroccan authorities had brought an ambulance and a helicopter equipped for resuscitation, in order to transport the child Rayan to the hospital on the spot, as soon as he was able to get him out.

Attempts to save the child Rayan began at the beginning of the crisis, through the disembarkation of people practicing what is known as Istighwar, but the narrow diameter of the well prevented them from reaching the stranded child.

The child Ryan fell to a depth of more than 30 meters, while the volunteers could not descend more than 20 meters, and because of this stumbling, rescue efforts focused on an alternative plan.

According to the approved plan, the rescue teams built a large hole parallel to the place where the child Ryan fell, and upon reaching the depth in which it is located, a horizontal excavation was started.

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