After their health deteriorated, calls in Iran for political prisoners to end their hunger strike

Iran Iran International – 02/08/2022. 16:27

Iran..a message to more than 650 political activists

  • The message stated: We fight for life
  • Your health and generous spirit are the priority of every work and struggle

called hundreds of political activists And Iranian civilians, in a letter, five political prisoners on hunger strike for twenty-seven days as “imprisoned prosecutors”, to end their strike.

The message of more than 650 political and civil activists was published in Iranto a single shikala in Qarshak Prison and four political prisoners, Hamid Haj Jaafar Kashani, Sina Beheshti, Muhammad Abul-Hasani and Saeed Tamjidi in Tehran Prison, while the prisoners were on hunger strike for 27 days as “pretend prisoners” and some of them were reported to be in critical condition.

“After the cowardly murder of Bektas Abten, it was you, the imprisoned prosecutors, who raised the voice of protest and once again demonstrated the humiliation of the prison and the security men,” the letter addressed to the imprisoned prosecutors stated.

The letter added: “Your voice has been heard hurting the conscious conscience. Now that there is a wave of support for you in prison, in society and abroad, we humbly thank you and appreciate your perseverance and ask you to end your hunger strike.”

The signatories to this letter wrote to the imprisoned plaintiffs, that we are fighting for life. Your health and your generous spirit are the priority of every work and struggle.

They added: “We stand in homage to you, and at the same time, we call on our citizens to continue this wave by holding a series of hunger strikes and sit-ins, wherever possible, until the legitimate demands of political prisoners are met.”

It was Kiwan Samimi, Jamshid Barzekar, Mehrdad Bakhtiari, Muhammad Karim Beyaki, Mahbouba Karmi, Houriya Farjazadeh, Shahryar Ahi, Parviz Dostmalji, Taqi Rahmani, Reza Alijani, Kazem Alamdari, Kazim Alamdari, Kazim, Mansoura Pourhozar and Lakravani, and Kazim Alamdari. And Khadija Moghadam, among the signatories to this letter.

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