Ahead of the scheduled date..a new development in the case of the Syrian child Fawaz Muhammad Al-Qutayfan

Damascus (news now) – 06/02/2022. 16:04

Syria..the flogging of the child Fawaz Muhammad al-Qutayfan in a hideous and horrific way

  • The gang published the video to pressure the child’s family into paying the required amount
  • For his release, 500 million Syrian pounds must be paid
  • Activists in Daraa launched a hashtag bearing the title “#Save the_Child Fawaz_Al-Qatifan”

The Syrian artist, Abdel Hakim Qetaifan, announced in Video He posted on his Facebook page that the family “will collect the ransom amount” to release the kidnapped child, Fawaz.

Qetaifan explained that the family is able to collect the ransom, without assistance, expressing his thanks to everyone who helped, and that “this ordeal has proven that Syrians are people of generosity, generosity and goodness.”

Qetaifan warned against “exploiting Fawaz’s case for blackmail, or to make donations and aid that he does not know where to go.”

Fawazqatifan In the grip of the gang

A kidnapping gang published in Daraa governorate in Syria Videotape showing people being flogging The child “Fawaz Muhammad Al-Qatifan” (6 years old) in a horrific and horrific way.

According to Syrian media, the gang published the video to put pressure on the child’s family in the town of Abtaa in the Daraa countryside, by paying the sum required for his release, which is 500 million Syrian pounds, equivalent to 140 million Syrian pounds.

one thousand dollars.

And she added, “The gang gave the child’s relatives until next Wednesday to pay the amount, threatening to cut off his fingers if the ransom was not paid on the specified day.”

In the video, the child appears, being severely beaten with what appears to be a leather belt, lying on a bed, naked except for his underwear, crying and begging his kidnappers to stop beating him, saying: “For God’s sake, not
You beat me”, after being flogged in a hideous and horrific way.
In turn, activists in Daraa launched a hashtag bearing the title “#Save_the_Child_Fawaz_Al-Qatifan” to contribute to the search for the child “Al-Qatifan” and his return to his parents in the town of Ibta’.
Many pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the hashtag, expressing their solidarity with the child’s family, amid accusations of pro-regime elements and its militias of kidnapping the child in order to get rich quick,

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