Al-Sadr boycotts the election of the President of the Iraqi Republic .. What next?

And he said President thoracic mass in a board deputies, deputy Hassan virgins, Saturday, in a conspiracy Journalist “by order Leader the current thoracic, Mr Muqtada the chest, decided boycott session day Monday Next customized to elect President Republic excludes From that deputy the first to head Parliament”.

Al-Adhari indicated that “it was decided also freeze Negotiations with blocks political about formation the government”.

and to comment On this the shift in a Situation thoracic gesticulate will succeed him From changes in a the scene the politician and his lineups, eve session election President Iraqi, Says Pioneer Al-Azzawi, Director center Al-Amar for studies The strategy, in a accident for “Sky News Arabic” “Tweet the chest evening Friday, she was clear completely from where reject it pressure party Democrat Kurdistan On the current thoracic to accept nomination Hoshiar Zebari to head republic, which accuse Previously with issues and suspicions corruption when It was minister Finance Iraqi Previously.

The Iraqi researcher added, “For this, chest Which Says he wantsSalah the system political, be seen that this is the operation done via exclusion From on them suspicions, and upon it chest It is considered Attitude Democrat Kurdistan beating for agreements between Parties the agreement triple related bundle presidencies the three, Parliament and the republic and the government”.

“hard stance”

the chest will pass On most likely in a his position reformist, as Believes Al-Azzawi, and he also Mr relations International in a the University American Cairo Which Add:“Won’t accept with Which Person lol suspect with it in a issues corruption within squad political ruling coming, and he freeze like that Negotiation formation the government coming also, being be seen that the operation Basket one and integrated, And it seems that it Wants to push his allies to commit their promises by repair, he is Wants formation system Rule political New fit conditions country deteriorating”.

and adds Al-Azzawi “may be cornered the chest so From allied with him in a corner Difficult, delusion also may be they return their accounts in a Alliance with him again future and maybe right Now also.

As for Writer and the analyzer the politician Iraqi, on me threshing floor, see in a accident forLocation “Sky News Arabic”, thatall Possibilities and scenarios has become open, has see surprises the moment Last via expansion the agreement triple for example, or compatibility between Different the parties competing, as both sides The equation political Shiites, the current thoracic and frame coordinating, And the two parties Kurdish major, Democrat the union the National”.

and addsEspecially and that Void or rags constitutional Expected with Non Contract session election President republic, may be go on its duration and he What will drive Toward More From crises vehicle Which storm in the country, which you will stand the government current helpless on manage it and solve it, And it will go deeper From sharpness Polarizations political sharp originally”.

and on ?He fell resolution Bloc bra boycott session election President Republic in a day 7 February Present, prevail Fears and warnings From Login country in a emptiness constitutional long, being Convening That session has become Same No way, where states the Constitution Iraqi On election President new for the republic during 30 days From Date first Convening for Parliament, And therefore else time limit she day Tuesday 8 February running.

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