Algeria.. “The Liberation Front” wins the renewal of the second parliament chamber

The Liberation Front party won 26 seats out of 68 for which 457 candidates contested, in an indirect vote that took place on Saturday. The Independents came in second with 13 seats, then the National Democratic Assembly with 11 seats.

The results were similar to the election of deputies to the People’s National Assembly (the first chamber of parliament) in June, with the victory of the Liberation Front and then the independents.

Two-thirds of the members of the National Assembly (136 out of 204) are elected from among and from the municipal councils and states, while the President of the Republic appoints the remaining third, ie 68 members, for a six-year term, with half of the members being renewed every three years.

This vote is the first in the era of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who considered it “a continuation of the process of building state institutions” after the election of the House of Representatives and then the local councils in November.

Although some powers were added to the National Assembly in the 2020 constitution, its role remains linked to the consideration of laws previously voted on in the first chamber of parliament, except in the area of ​​legislation for local organization or regional division, since two-thirds of its members are locally elected.

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