Algeria to enter the club of the manufacture of large fishing vessels in 2022

Experts believe that this step seeks to raise the productive capacities of marine fishing in a country with a coastline of more than 1,600 km.

And the Algerian Minister of Fisheries and Fishing Products, Hisham Sofiane Salwachi, revealed that “the year 2022 will witness the manufacture of the first large-sized fishing vessel in Algeria,” referring to government incentives, foremost of which is reducing the fee on value-added and customs rights, which are steps that will raise the volume of orders on Investing in marine fishing.

The minister stated in a media statement that “the year 2022 will witness the manufacture of the first tuna fishing vessel in Algeria with a length of 35 meters, and the ship monitoring system will be adopted,” stressing in the same context that “this strategy also passes through expanding the capabilities of sea fishing ports to accommodate large fishing vessels. the size”.

According to the results of the joint committee to revive the activity of the shipbuilding industry in Algeria, 15 investment licenses were granted at the level of 12 governorates. According to the minister, 11 projects were also approved, pending the issuance of the investment law, which will enable dealers to effectively exploit the areas of activity.

Multidimensional bet

The activity of manufacturing fishing vessels of all kinds is one of the tributaries of strengthening the local economy, as confirmed by the economist, Ishaq Kharshi, who described the step as “positive”, given the labor savings that this activity could bring, in addition to raising the fishing production capabilities and reflecting That’s on the economic cycle.

In connection with “Sky News Arabia”, the economic expert stressed that “the big ship industry’s bet stands on a plan of action, including working to expand the capabilities of the marine fishing ports located across the coastal strip in the country.”

Regarding the challenges of the aforementioned project, Ishaq Kharshi referred to “the necessity of good control over the basic inputs for the manufacture of large-sized ships, especially in view of the high prices of the spare sector at the global level,” noting at the same time “determining the percentage of integration into the manufacture of this type of ships to control in these inputs.

Big size tuna fishing boat

For his part, the marine expert, Mohamed Qadawi, believes that the trend towards the manufacture of the first large-sized vessel for fishing for tuna in Algeria is a “great qualitative leap” and a “step in the right path” within the framework of the strategy to expand the activity of the ship industry in the country.

And the marine expert, Qadawi, said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that “this type of industry will reflect positively on the import bill and will create diverse job opportunities, especially since this industrial production knows the participation of a network of specialties, as well as contributing to an abundance of fishing.” tuna fish”.

The fishing sector is of great importance in the economic plan of the Algerian government, which aims to make 2022 a year of economic take-off, in addition to the fact that the sector is a resource for food security, and the strategy to revive it is based on three axes related to raising production capacities, industry, shipbuilding and attention to professionals.

In his previous intervention, the Minister of the Sector referred to fishing in the high seas, which needs to “revamp the fishing fleet, which is currently made up of 52 percent of small professions, and this is through building and manufacturing large-sized vessels.”

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