"American to Chinese mother"Elaine Gu wins gold at the Beijing Olympics

Beijing (cn) – 02/08/2022. 14:00

Eileen Gou narrowly defeated Tess Ledoux of France

  • Eileen Gu became the first female Olympic champion in a competition “Big Air”
  • Gu topped the standings with a score of 188.25

After the controversy that accompanied her announcement in 2019, about her choice to represent the country of her Chinese mother, in Beijing Olympics In winter 2022, figure skater Eileen Gou – born in California to an American father – won the gold medal in the “Big Air” or (big antenna).

Eileen Gu became the first female Olympic champion in a competition “Big Air” Women’s free skating, after winning the gold medal, Tuesday.

Gu, 18, topped the rankings with a score of 188.25, and was able to snatch the gold from France’s Tess Lido, who scored 187.5, and Switzerland’s Mathilde Grimaux came in third, and took the bronze with a score of 182.5.

Eileen Gough
Tens of millions of followers of Ellen were eager to celebrate her victory

Gu’s reach dominated searches on the Twitter-like platform Weibo in China, with seven of the 10 most popular topics revolving around her victory.

2.6 million followers follow the Olympic champion, leaving more than 90,000 comments in less than 30 minutes after her victory.

Eileen Gough
With 2.6 million followers, the Olympic champion

The Chinese authorities quickly “abnormal” To congratulate goo: “We are pleased to hear that Eileen Gu, an athlete from Beijing, won a precious gold medal for the Chinese delegation, and the country was honored with her exemplary performance in the women’s free skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics”.

Eileen Gough
The Chinese authorities quickly “abnormal” to congratulate gu

Born in San Francisco to an American father and a Chinese mother, Guo skied the slopes of nearby Lake Tahoe, reaching her first World Cup podium at the age of 15.

Although she turned out to compete for China, it is unclear whether she has renounced her US citizenship – usually a requirement for Chinese naturalization, as the country does not allow dual citizenship.

Eileen Gough
It is not clear if she has renounced her US citizenship

Gu has never publicly commented on her US citizenship status, although an article on the official Olympic website noted that “Her dual nationality” in january.

At a news conference after her victory on Tuesday, reporters asked Gu several times if she was still a US citizen, but she evaded the answer each time, only saying that she felt American in the United States and Chinese in China.

Eileen Gough
Gu has never publicly commented on her US citizenship status

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