An “80s” woman embezzled a million dollars, due to her addiction to “gambling and gambling games”

Parents and grandparents have always advised us of the dangers of gambling and its many psychological and social damages, as well as the religious violation committed by the gambling player, whether Muslim or Christian, but this is what the eightieth nun Mary Margaret Cropper, director of “St. James” Catholic School in Los Angeles, signed.

Mrs "eighty" She embezzled a million dollars because of her addiction "Gambling and gambling games"

The eighties are addicted to gambling and gambling

Addicted to gambling, octogenarian nun Mary Margaret Cropper embezzled $1 million from the school fund she was managing in Torrance (south of Los Angeles) to spend it on casino gambling and lavish tours.

The elderly woman was sentenced to one year in prison after she admitted embezzling $1 million from the fund of St. James’ Catholic Private School in California.

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She vowed to live a “modest life”

Although Sister Mary Margaret Cropper had vowed to live a modest life when she became a nun more than sixty years ago, she was embezzling bank checks and many of the sums that were allocated to the school in order to finance her “secret vices”, as described by “Monte Carlo”. .

The Los Angeles Times also reported that the nun admitted in court that she had “committed a sin, broke the law and had no excuse.”

I tried to hide the embezzlement by destroying the documents

The audits of the school’s accounts had led to the revelation of the embezzlement, despite the Catholic school principal’s attempt to conceal the facts by issuing a series of orders to the specialized staff to destroy documents proving her involvement in the embezzlement, before the Catholic nun was forced to admit her guilt in the embezzlement last year, stressing that: What she did “constitutes a violation of vows, commandments, the law, and above all of the sacred trust given to me by many.”

She embezzled because she deserves a raise

On the reasons that prompted the octogenarian to do so, the Los Angeles Times explained that the nun “Cropper” had pleaded, while she was being held accountable by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, that the salaries of priests are higher than what the nuns receive, considering that she deserves an increase in her salary.

On the other hand, the nun’s lawyer, Mark Byrne, demanded that she be allowed to serve her sentence in the monastery, where she has been since the discovery of her embezzlement because of her “addiction to gambling games,” as he described it.

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