An American reward for information on the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan

And ISIS in Afghanistan, known as “Khorasan Province”, is the regional branch of ISIS, and it first appeared in 2014 and bears the name of the region in the past.

The organization had previously fought the Afghan government, which fell last August, as well as the Taliban.

In June 2020, the militant group appointed Ghafari to lead it. The State Department stated that Ghafari was responsible for approving all of the group’s operations in Afghanistan and arranging funding for the operations.

In November, the US State Department designated Ghafari a “global terrorist”.

On Friday, the US military said an ISIS suicide bomber killed 13 US soldiers and at least 170 Afghans at Kabul airport last August.

The bombing took place on August 26, when US forces were trying to help Americans and Afghans flee in the wake of the chaos that engulfed the Taliban movement.

US officials said in November that they believed the Islamic State’s “Khorasan Province” could have the ability to strike targets outside Afghanistan over a period of six to 12 months.

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