An international campaign for the release of journalists held by the Houthi militia

Sanaa (news now) – 07/02/2022. 19:32

The International Federation of Journalists launches a massive campaign to save the lives of journalists kidnapped in the prisons of the Houthi militia

  • A call to participate in an international campaign to release journalists detained by the Houthi militia
  • The detained journalists were subjected to the most horrific forms of torture

Call International Federation of Journalists And the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, all trade union organizations and all journalists and media workers around the world, to participate in the global campaign launched by it to pressure the Houthi terrorist militia to release the journalists kidnapped nearly seven years ago.

The four journalists are Abdul-Khaleq Omran, Akram Al-Walidy, Harith Hamid and Tawfiq Al-Mansoori, who were kidnapped by the Houthi militia along with five other journalists on June 9, 2015 from the “Qasr Al-Alam” hotel on Sitteen Street in Sana’a, on trumped-up charges.

The International Federation said that their only crime was doing their work as journalists, pointing out that they were subjected to various types of physical and psychological torture and disappearance, and deprived them of visits, and access to necessary medical care, in flagrant violation of all international laws and norms related to the treatment of prisoners.

death risk

The statement of the International Federation of Journalists and the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate indicated that the four journalists are at risk of execution, calling on international institutions to put the issue of saving the lives of colleagues on their agenda and work for their release.

The campaign aims to send a message to the UN and US envoys to Yemen, and to call on governmental bodies and international institutions concerned with freedom of expression and the defense of human rights, to make this issue a top priority.

The International Federation of Journalists’ campaign also seeks the participation of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate in the upcoming session of the Human Rights Council, to raise the issue of journalists sentenced to death and the plight of Yemeni media professionals in general.

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