AstraZeneca official: Our vaccine is anti-Omicron and is safe for children

“We have a lot of data that showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine is anti-Omicron,” Iskra Rick, head of vaccines and immunotherapies at the company, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Thursday.

Regarding the safety of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine for children, she said: “The data we have confirmed the safety of the vaccine for children, and we will continue to collect more data. Now we are discussing with regulators and through research, how we can provide it to children.”

On the other hand, Rick said that the company achieved “record” results during 2021, confirming its commitment to providing the anti-Coronavirus vaccine to the poorest countries to confront the outbreak of the virus.

She added, “We are proud of the results that we have announced, as 2021 was a record year for AstraZeneca, and we expect these trends to continue in 2022 due to the innovative medicines that we provide to the market.”

And she continued, “We focus a lot on making efforts to combat the Corona virus, and we will also provide the vaccine against it throughout the world,” noting that the company has provided more than two billion 500 million doses of its vaccine around the world.

Rick stressed that “two-thirds of these doses were sent to the poorest countries.”

And the official at “AstraZeneca” pointed out that the company committed to selling the vaccine at cost, so that it would be given to the largest number of people, especially in poor countries, stressing the company’s “pride” in this decision, even though it reduced its profits.

With regard to her prediction about when the Corona pandemic will end, she said that it was not possible to predict such a matter, but she stressed that it was necessary to provide the vaccine “to the largest number of people, especially those who do not have the ability to access it, so that we can return to normal life.” .

It is noteworthy that “AstraZeneca” had announced that it had “fulfilled its promise to access its vaccine against the Corona virus in a broad and fair manner, by providing two billion and 500 million doses of the vaccine, distributed around the world.”

The company expected an increase in its revenues this year by 13 to 19 percent, benefiting from the increase in vaccine deliveries.

In 2021, AstraZeneca’s revenue grew by 41 percent.

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