Away from Corona .. a “killer virus” attacks you from the brain

The study prepared by the US military and published in the scientific journal “Science” said that the possibility of “Ebola” returning to those infected with it after receiving its own treatments is still not clear.

And the study, conducted by the Infectious Disease Research Institute of the US Army, indicated that it detected the “Ebola” virus in the brains of infected people and other parts of the body, even after their recovery for a long period.

The study stated that effective treatments have been developed against the virus in humans and other major groups.

In contrast to the rhesus macaques, which managed to survive Ebola without treatment, the scientists discovered that virus particles remained in the brains of the monkeys that took the antiviral treatment.

And the treatments used were monoclonal antibodies.

Scientists said that the presence of the Ebola virus in the brain was accompanied by severe tissue damage, causing, for example, the emergence of meningitis.

The scientists added that this study highlights the return of the deadly virus to those recovering from it, after treatments, which means that it has long-term repercussions for human survivors of the virus as well.

The study warned of the possibility of a resurgence of the virus at the collective level and setbacks in health at the level of recovered individuals.

The World Health Organization says that “Ebola” is often fatal, as the death rate in it is 50 percent of the total number of infected people.

The virus is transmitted to humans from wild animals and spreads among human populations through its transmission from one person to another.

The Ebola virus first appeared in 1976, and has spread in West Africa since March 2014, killing thousands.

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