Baby Ryan’s father"news now": Attempts to save him continue

Today’s Bulletin 02/05/2022 15:12

Attempts to save the Moroccan child Rayan continue

In an exclusive statement to “Akhbar Alan”, the father of the Moroccan child said: RayanEfforts and rescue operations are continuing for the fourth day in a row, in order to get his son out, who fell into a deep well in a village near the city of Chefchaouen, located in northern Morocco.

The father of the child, Ryan, told “Akhbar Alan”: We spoke to him through audio techniques, but he is breathing hard

For his part, journalist writer Mohamed Adel Tato, a Moroccan journalist, who is at the scene of the accident, said that the operation to save the child RayanIt is considered one of the most complex and largest operations in the world, indicating that efforts are continuing to save him alive as soon as possible.

Tato added, in his interview with “Akhbar Alan”, that the intense media coverage contributed to the intensification of efforts to rescue Rayan, explaining at the same time that rumors circulating in some media do not benefit the rescue operation, but rather put pressure on the rescuers.

Rabia Al-Qaisi, head of the National Organization for Voluntary Work Without Borders, said that she was keen to provide psychological support to Rayan’s family, who are at the scene of the accident, waiting for him to be released safely.

Rescue teams were two meters away from Rayan, a 5-year-old child, who had fallen into a well near his home in the Tamrout Center, near Chefchaouen, last Tuesday.

A source, who occupies a high-ranking mission in the Chefchaouen prefecture, stressed that the rescue teams for the child Rayan were able to dig 3 meters manually until 4:00 am local time, and only two meters remained to reach the child.

Digging continues horizontally to reach the child, but rescue workers cannot determine a specific time to remove Ryan from the well.

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