Baby Ryan’s last words are passed on by his father

Chefchaouen (news now) – 02/08/2022. 00:13

Baby Ryan’s father conveys his last words before his death

The Moroccan platform, “Shof TV”, published clips of the father of the child Rayan calling for him from the hole of the shallow well, during the rescue operation that took place in difficult circumstances, and received great attention until the Moroccan Royal Court announced the death of the child shortly after his recovery on Sunday evening.

The father of the child said that the last thing his child said was crying, and he says in a weak voice: “Let me go, let me go.” He indicated that he did not know how his son fell, and when he returned from prayer, he did not find him.

Morocco mourns the funeral of the child Rayan after the shock of his death

The funeral of the child Rayan was held at noon on Monday in northern Morocco, who was buried in his hometown of Igran.

Hundreds bid farewell to the five-year-old child, after the noon prayer, in a square prepared for this purpose in the vicinity of the cemetery of Al-Zawiya, not far from the village to which the world’s attention was drawn for days in the hope of bringing him out alive.

His body was buried after mourners carried him wrapped in a green dress embroidered with Quranic verses, immediately after the prayer, which lasted moments.

On the sidelines of these difficult times, the character of “Uncle Ali al-Sahrawi”, who works in the profession of digging wells, emerged, and the child’s uncle called him to participate in the drilling and rescue operation, according to his statements to the platform.Watch TV“.

Uncle Ali, 66, said that he continued by hand digging for a distance of 5 meters, which took 20 hours.

The man, whose photos were transmitted through social networks, indicated that the rugged nature at the scene made the drilling process in the vicinity of the well arduous.

And he talked about the frequent landslides during the excavation operations, pointing out that the interception of the rock of the horizontal tunnel path took a long time until he crossed it to reach the child’s place.

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