Because of the torture of a cat, misfortunes continue to pursue Kurt Zouma

Paris (newsroom) – 12/02/2022. 11:39

Because of a cat, Kurt Zouma was punished with the “largest fine”

  • An animal rights association snatched his two cats from him

  • A campaign was launched to prosecute the player legally

After a video of him kicking and slapping a cat went viral, West Ham announced a punishment Kurt Zouma with the largest fine. Despite his apology and remorse, an animal rights association snatched him away

Two cats owned by him, while a campaign was launched to prosecute him legally. Adidas terminated his contract with him.

West Ham Football Club announced today, Wednesday, that it had punished its French international defender Kurt Zouma with the “largest possible fine”.

And this is the day after the spread of a video clip showing the player performing torturing a cat , What sparked a wave of anger in England. The club confirmed in a statement that “the player immediately agreed to

The fine and demanded that the amount be donated to an association for the protection of animal rights.

The laws state that the maximum fine that a club can impose on a player is usually a two-week deduction of his salary, which in Zuma’s case, will amount to about 300,000 euros.

In the clip, Zuma is seen pushing, kicking and slapping the cat, while laughter is heard in the background. Zuma was shown chasing the animal before hitting it with a shoe and slapping it on the head.

Shortly before West Ham published its statement, the Royal Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals, It is the largest animal rights association, until the two cats were taken

They are owned by the international defender. “We want to reassure everyone that we are investigating (the matter) and that the cats are in a safe place and are being looked after,” she said.

A spokesperson for Britain’s Animal Protection Agency said: “This is a very disturbing video. It is unacceptable to kick, hit or slap an animal, for punishment or anything else.”

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