Before upcoming elections, a “right-wing” prime minister seeks help from Trump

And the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, quoting a government source in the European country, reported that the Center for Fundamental Rights in Hungary, a government-linked think tank, invited Trump to attend.

The move to use Trump comes as Orban is set to run in a highly competitive election on April 3, when his party, Fidesz, faces a coalition of opposition forces.

The upcoming parliamentary elections in Hungary are said to be the biggest challenge for Orban since he became prime minister 12 years ago.

The Hungarian government source said that supporters of the “Fidesz” party want the former Republican US president to visit Budapest.

The source added that Trump has not yet responded to the Hungarian party’s invitation, and if the former US president agrees, his trip to the country will be his first to Europe since losing the election to his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in late 2020.

Urban is a big fan and defender of Trump, and he made statements in support of him in the summer of 2016 when the Republican candidate, at the time, was preparing to run in the presidential race, and then also supported him at a later time.

The two leaders spoke by phone in 2020, then Trump “returned the favor” at a later time, expressing his support for Orban, and if the visit takes place, it will constitute a strong boost to the controversial Hungarian Prime Minister.

Observers believe that Trump and Orban belong to a growing trend in the international political arena, which is “populism” with an extreme right-wing orientation.

One of the broad lines of this trend is anti-immigrant and xenophobic, as well as questioning the traditional and familiar approach to managing state affairs.

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