Beijing Olympics between the hammer of diplomatic boycotts and the anvil of the spread of the Corona virus

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China fails to challenge the Olympics

The Winter Games have begun Beijing Olympics Amid the refusal of many world leaders to participate in this session and Beijing’s boycott of its permanent violations of human rights.

A burdened atmosphere between the Covid-19 epidemic, diplomatic disputes and controversy over a number of issues, and a state of wide controversy spread to coincide with the start of the Beijing Olympics, as infections with the “Corona” virus were recorded in the bubble in which the Winter Olympics were set up, the second highest level since the start of the arrival of delegations, with 45 new infections were detected.

The new number of infections with the Corona virus, among individuals related to the Beijing Olympics, compared to 21 injuries one day before the last infections were recorded, while the number of infections inside the bubble that restricts the movement of participants in the Games reached 19 compared to 7 the previous day.

And China has suspended and isolated more than 30 athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, after it was confirmed that they had contracted the virus. Corona.

China has isolated 32 athletes in poor conditions in Beijing, after complaints by some athletes and teams about inedible food, dirty rooms, lack of training equipment and access to the Internet. years of training.

Other cities around the world have witnessed anti-China protests over what critics describe as its mistreatment of minorities, and many demonstrators waved the blue and white flags of East Turkestan. Genocide”. They also demanded the liberation of Tibet, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

In Japan, specifically outside the headquarters of the Chinese embassy in Tokyo, dozens of demonstrators gathered to protest the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics in Beijing, and they included members of the Uygur ethnicity, Tibet regions, Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia.

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