China imposes quarantine on about 4 million people after recording cases of “Covid”

Beijing (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 11:30

China imposes a stone on a city after the emergence of Corona injuries

  • 44 confirmed cases of locally transmitted covid
  • A number of “imported” injuries were recorded.
  • The city is located about 2,500 km from the nearest Olympic sites

At a time when the country organizes a cycle Winter Olympicsimpose China A stone was imposed on the city of Baise, which has 3.5 million people, located in the south of the country, after the emergence of Covid-19 cases.

As of Sunday evening, residents can no longer leave the area. Those who live in so-called dangerous areas (where cases have been detected) are also prohibited from leaving their homes.

The city, located about 100 km from the border with Vietnam, recorded on Sunday 44 confirmed cases of locally transmitted COVID-19. A number of “imported” injuries were also recorded.

The authorities said that residents were subjected to tests following the registration of injuries.

Paise is located about 2,500 km from the nearest Olympic sites.

Olympics delayed due to virus.

The Beijing Games are the second in the time of Covid, after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which took place last year with a year delay due to the virus.

And in a country that boasts of the “zero Covid” policy, the precautionary measures seem very strict, and harsher than they were in Tokyo. Games organizers set up strict hygiene bubbles that participants only leave when they leave the country.

The procedures prohibit visitors from entering or leaving the Olympic bubble, which includes the places of residence of the participants, the transportation system and competition sites, in addition to the fortified hotels and facilities that will receive

Competitions, and daily testing sites for COVID-19.

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