"cigarette" It kills a person infected with Corona virus in Tunisia

Tunisia (news now) – 11/02/2022. 01:27

Tunisia.. A catastrophe in the Covid department after the death of a person with corona burnt due to lighting a cigarette

A tragic accident inside the regional hospital in the governorate of Zaghouan TunisianOn Thursday evening, it was found that a Tunisian citizen was burnt with oxygen inside the Covid unit, due to the death of a Tunisian citizen.

Khaled Beltaher, Director of the Advancement of Health Services, stated that the victim is from the Bir Mashariqa area, a Tunisian city located in the state of Zaghouan, 62 years old, residing in the oxygen department, as a result of being infected with the “Corona” virus. containing 30 liters of this high-pressure substance and igniting a cigarette, which caused oxygen inflammation in the entire upper half of his body, and the fire caused physical damage of 70%, according to forensic estimates, which led to his death despite the efforts made by the doctors who were harnessed during the period to save him, as he put it.

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