Continued repression of the press in Belarus.. Photographer imprisoned on charges "Police disobedience"

Belarus (Radio Free Europe) – 02/08/2022. 10:35

Press repression in Belarus continues

  • Broadcasting “free europe” Denouncing the imprisonment of the photographer
  • Campaigns in Belarus to silence journalists

I mentioned radio “free europe” A photojournalist who worked for her office in Belarus was convicted of spending 13 days in prison on charges of “Police disobedience”A charge he has repeatedly denied.

Pointed site radio Judge Tatsanya Balulik, of the Frunze District Court in the capital, Minsk, issued a verdict against Ulads Hridzen on February 7, after convicting him of refusing the police’s request, who tried to enter his apartment and conduct a search, last week.

The website quoted investigators as saying that the police searched Hridzen’s apartment on February 4, as part of their investigations into… “widespread social upheaval”and related to the recent anti-government protests, which resulted in the arrest of thousands of citizens.

Hriedzen’s relatives said he stopped contacting them on February 4, adding that when they visited the journalist’s home on February 6, they saw evidence that his apartment had been searched, his belongings scattered throughout his home, and his computer and camera missing.

Hridzen Award Winner “Belarus Photojournalism Contest” 2015

The website stated that Hridzen’s relatives later learned that he had been taken to a center “Achristina” notorious in Minsk.

And denounced the deputy head of Radio “free europe” Its editor-in-chief, Daisy Sendelaar, arrested the journalist in a statement released Monday.

Sendellar said: “We are deeply concerned by the news of the arrest of our former colleague at Radio Free Europe and condemn the ongoing campaign of the Belarusian government to silence journalists and prevent them from reporting the truth.”.

Hrydzen worked as a photo reporter for a radio service “free europe” In Belarus until August 29, 2020, when the authorities withdrew his press accreditation.

The photographer was arrested in 2020 and detained for 11 days, after he filmed a demonstration following criticism of the presidential elections, which Alexandre Lukashenko won, amid massive protests among the opposition, which she described as “fake”.

A photo taken by Hridzen in 2011 documenting the arrest of political activists who demanded free elections

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