Continuous Emirati support for Socotra’s educational sector

In the midst of the joy of the students of November 30 Basic Education School in Socotra, the Foundation’s team distributed the new batch of textbooks, which amounted to 2,987 books for different academic levels.

The Director of the November 30 School, Mr. Saleh Ali, confirmed that this is a new batch of the textbook, which is added to the previous batches provided by the Foundation to the school within Socotra schools, as it had a significant impact in maintaining and developing the stability of the educational process.

Teacher Salem Abdullah praised the efforts made to provide the school curriculum for students.

He stressed that pushing the textbook has greatly contributed to the implementation of the educational plan, in addition to helping students follow up on their lessons and remember them on an ongoing basis.

In turn, the students of November 30th School expressed their joy in providing the textbook because of the importance of the book in preparing lessons and enhancing their understanding.

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