Corona does not leave you alone .. new symptoms after recovery

A study published in the medical journal “BMJ” found that 32 out of every 100 elderly patients with corona in 2020, experienced new symptoms that required medical attention in the months following infection.

Scientists began to monitor the repercussions of infection with corona after recovery, but few studies monitor the danger posed by these repercussions,
on the elderly.

The study said that symptoms include changes in the body’s organs and systems, including the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver.

She added that the Corona infection had damaged mental health.

And “Covid-19” patients were largely facing pneumonia and fatigue in the body, according to what doctors monitored at the beginning of the epidemic, before it became clear that the virus was hitting other parts of the body.

In the study, researchers reviewed health insurance plans to identify more than 133,000 people infected with corona before April 2020.

After that, the researchers noticed the emergence of new symptoms after 21 days in patients after the diagnosis of corona infection.

And 32 percent of the recovered Corona patients requested medical attention to face a new health problem.

The study comes at a time when scientists are still studying the long-term effects of corona.

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