Dabaiba: The decision of the Libyan House of Representatives is an attempt to enter Tripoli by force

Dabaiba said, in an interview with Libya Al-Ahrar TV, that the focus of his initiative will be to draft a law for parliamentary elections and present it to the House of Representatives, noting that he still rejects attempts to drag the Libyans into a new war, he said.

He added that he was ready to withdraw his candidacy for the presidency in order to make his initiative a success.

The interim Prime Minister also mentioned that the Speaker of Parliament asked him to withdraw from running for the presidential elections in exchange for him serving as prime minister for a longer period.

Dabaiba referred to the assassination attempt he was subjected to, saying that it was not planned and that it was carried out by two hired persons.

The Libyan House of Representatives had voted unanimously to grant confidence to Fathi Bashagha to head the next government.

The council also approved the constitutional amendment proposal, which includes the formation of the constitution drafting committee.

Upon his arrival at Maitika Airport, Bashagha thanked Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba for his responsibility during a difficult period, expressing his confidence that the Dabaiba government will adhere to the democratic process.

Bashagha said that the new government will be based on reconciliation and participation, and that the relationship with all countries of the world will be based on mutual respect and permanent coordination, especially on the security front.

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