Denmark opens the door to the deployment of American soldiers on its soil

Denmark (AFP) 02/10/2022 23:03

Denmark confirms that cooperation with America may include the presence of soldiers and military equipment

  • Denmark has become one of Washington’s closest European allies in the past two decades

Denmark, a member of NATO, announced Thursday that it is ready to receive American soldiers on its soil as part of a joint defense agreement with the United States, in the midst of escalating tension with Russia.
The Scandinavian country became one of Washington’s closest European allies in the past two decades, after it fought the war on the side of the United States in Iraq.
Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters that “the United States has contacted… Denmark It proposed bilateral defense cooperation.”
“The exact nature of this cooperation has not yet been determined, but it could include the presence of American soldiers, military equipment and equipment on the territory of Denmark,” she added.
The talks are not related to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, but the crisis underscores the need for more cooperation, she said.
“NATO and the United States are the guarantors of our security,” Danish Defense Minister Morten Podeskow, who was present at the press conference, said.

That is why we join forces with the United States when Western values ​​such as democracy and freedom are threatened.”

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