Deputy Mayor of Gaia is in preventive detention

Two of the defendants in the Babel operation will be held in custody, a known coercive measure, this Friday, after being heard at the Porto Criminal Instruction Court.

Patrocínio Azevedo, vice-president of the Gaia Chamber, and Paulo Malafaia, a businessman, who were arrested as part of the Babel operation, related to alleged corruption in real estate projects in the Gaia municipality, will be held in custody.

The Criminal Investigation judge also determined that Elad Edror, an Israeli businessman, may be released, subject to the payment of a deposit of one million euros and the delivery of his passport.

The businessman, speaking outside the Court of Criminal Instruction, stated that “I told the truth but I can’t say more because I could get in trouble”.

“As far as I and Fortera are concerned, it’s all bullshit. I’ve never asked anyone to do anything illegal for us. We have spectacular projects and we should be supported by the Municipality. We came with good intentions. The projects will be done, Fortera will perhaps not prosper with me leading because I am very interesting for public opinion. I will become less interesting and go to my family, who have five children waiting for me”, underlined Elad Dror.

José Maria Formosinho Sanches, the businessman’s lawyer, said that the process is large, “requires a lot of analysis” and only later will he be able to decide whether to appeal, but he stressed that his client was released and remains available to provide clarifications

Lawyer João Lopes, another of the defendants in the process, and who, according to the investigation, served as a bridge between Patrocínio Azevedo and the two businessmen, will be under house arrest, with an electronic bracelet. Amândio Dias, an employee of the Regional Directorate of Culture, was suspended from duty.

Everyone was banned from contacting each other.

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